Help Pakistan Flood Victims

Help those affected by the floods in Pakistan by making a donation to a reputable charity that is actively working on the ground to help the flood victims.

Pakistan Flood Crisis
Pakistan Flood Crisis

Devastating flood in pakistan causing severe humanitarian crisis.

More than 1,396 people perished, including 499 children, and an additional 12,728 were wounded. Because of the floods, 663,869 people are staying in temporary shelters.

Pakistan has been hit by fresh monsoon floods. Sindh province has been particularly hard-hit, accounting for nearly 700 deaths since mid-June.

To assist over 300,000 individuals who have fled their homes in the wake of the monsoons, we are accepting donations for food, clean water, and other supplies. We are also helping communities recover from the disaster. These devastating monsoons have left a huge impact on the communities, and now we must do everything we can to assist them in recovering.